AESI Journals Ethics Policy

The Journal is committed to upholding the intellectual property rights and publication ethics as per the guidelines of COPE Committee on Publication Ethics. Authors are encouraged to follow the same ethical practices.
Authors are advised not to infringe the copy rights of other authors, make due acknowledgement and ensure that their papers are free from plagiarism. They are asked to submit an undertaking for the originality of the paper. Their papers are also subjected to duplication-checking software. If a formal complaint is lodged, it is investigated and the author is denied publication in the journal in future. However, the disclaimer is published in the journal stating that the responsibility for data presented, opinion expressed or conclusions reached and plagiarism, if any, is entirely that of the author(s) and the editors/ publisher bear no responsibility for them whatsoever.

Authors are responsible for their research work carried out, presentation and results expressed. Editor-in-Chief, Editors and Editorial Board does not claim any responsibility, liability of statements made and opinion expressed by authors. Editors do not necessarily agree with the views expressed in the matter published herein. So be careful and aware when you finalize your manuscript. Each manuscript must be free from plagiarism.



The authors are solely responsible for the contents of the papers compiled in this volume. The publishers or editors do not take any responsibility for the same in any manner. Errors, if any, are purely unintentional and readers are requested to communicate such errors to the editors to avoid discrepancies in future.